Venue: Sandbach High School

Course Leader: Nic Betts


£60 for CHA Members

£120 for Non CHA Members

RQT Development Programme

Session 1:  Tuesday 15th October 4pm – 5:45pm

  • How far have I come? 

  • What am I an expert in? 

  • How do I broaden and deepen my expertise as a professional?

Setting up collaborative work as RQTs across the CHA.

Session 2:  Tuesday 4th February 4pm – 5:30pm

Collaborative enterprise:

  • What have we learned?

  • How is it having an impact on our professional practice?


  • What professional possibilities appeal to me?

  • How do I pursue them?

Session 3:TBC

Course Aims:

To provide high quality training and development for teachers who have recently completed their NQT years.

To deliver interactive and practical sessions to develop autonomy and independence in delivering excellent teaching.

To establish a peer support network which encourages best practice.

To enable Recently Qualified Teachers the chance to reflect upon their career thus far and identify what they can do to develop further.

Course Details:

Experienced facilitators.  Opportunities for sharing resources, experiences and ideas.  Closely focused on Teacher Standards, evidencing improvement and contribution to school and Ofsted expectations.  Working together on on-going professional development task of participant’s choice.