NQT Appropriate Body

Ad Hoc Support

If, as a result of a cause for concern, additional support is required, such as one to one support, observations or team teaching, this will be changed seperately in agreement with the school.

See below for 'Ad-hoc Support' and 'Cause for Concern' details and prices.

Ad Hoc Support Details

  • Support Packages: for new mentors in coaching, challenging conversations.  £400

  • Half day visit: A half day visit to support each NQT's progress and monitor the support including a lesson observation.  £250

  • Half day observations: NQT spends a half day with colleague where outstanding practice exists and has a mentor meeting with assigned buddy to discuss practical strategies.  £250

  • Full day observations: NQT meets with outstanding practitioner in advance of day and plans a team teaching session followed by mentoring and strategic planning.  £450

Cause for Concern

NQT and mentor have meeting, chaired by facilitator, where issues are identified and a clear action plan with time restricted targets set. Follow up with two half day visits to the school to review progress and a full day's observation for the NQT of an outstanding practitioner in the Alliance.